The 6x6x6 Challenge:
6 Businesses, 6 Countries, 6 Months!

Join me, Zennen Leggett, as I undertake a never-before-attempted challenge: to build and launch 6 online businesses in just 6 months — all while traveling across 6 different countries.Subscribe now for my results, updates, and to follow the adventure of a lifetime!

6 Businesses

I will be building 6 online businesses using a combination of no-code software, digital marketing, and marketplaces. The goal is to build, launch, and monetize within 30 days.

6 Countries

Each business will be built from a different country in Asia or Latin America from my laptop. I'll be targeting the North American market, which is what I'm most familiar with.

6 Months

Each business will be built and launched within one month. The goal is to automate as much of the business as possible, so that it can continue to operate after I've moved on.

About Me

Hey there!I'm a Canadian-born digital nomad that has been traveling the world full-time since October 2021.For years I've had a dream of building a portfolio of online businesses that I can run while traveling the world. After losing my job at a marketing agency in early 2023, I've decided to stop procrastinating and make that dream a reality.I love trying new business models and building things, so I decided to combine that with my love for travel into the 6x6x6 Challenge!In this challenge, I will be building 6 online businesses in 6 months, each from a different country.This is something that NO ONE has ever done before.In addition to building these businesses, I will be documenting the journey and showing you exactly how to build everything I make.So, make sure to subscribe and follow the journey! It's free!